Care Guide

How to properly take care of your garments to prolong their life.
Clothes require some attention to keep them looking and feeling brand new.

Always separate your whites and darks

Don’t mix different fabrics. Keep your delicates separate or wash by hand

Fabrics you can wash together:

  • LIGHT – chiffon, polyester, rayon, nylon.
  • MID-WEIGHT – velvet, cotton, sateen
  • HEAVY – denim, canvas, corduroy.

Turn your clothes inside out when washing and drying.

Wash extra delicate garments by hand.

Air-dry your clothes, especially delicates, this will reduce your carbon footprint as well as avoid shrinkage.

Use the right hangers, believe it or not, how you store your garments also contributes to the longevity of them.

P.S – always check the wash care label!